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SwagBucks is a great site to get Free Stuff from, they reward you for using them as a search engine, trading in old cell phones, shopping through the site, and referring friends.

You don't have to spend any money, it's 100% Free and it's very easy to use. SwagBucks rewards you with digital dollars called "SwagBucks". You can then redeem prizes, such as electronics, collectibles, gift cards, instruments, and video games. SwagBucks mails the prizes to you for free and you usually get your prize in 2 weeks.

This is a great way to get free stuff online, its very simple and best of all Free! I have used swag bucks and received prizes, I have posted pics of the prizes I received as proof that SwagBucks really works!

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Free Flip Ultra HD Camcorder

Just got my free flip camcorder from SwagBucks!

free stuff online
Below is a screenshot of the list of items I have received from SwagBucks. Click to enlarge..
free electronics

Free Tom Tom Portable GPS

free stuff online

free gps

Here is a free Tom Tom GPS I received from SwagBucks, Took a while to get but it was worth it. works great :)

Free iPod Touch

Here is Proof of Apple iPod Touch I received from SwagBucks. SwagBucks has a wide variety of electronics to choose from.

free ipod touch

Free HD Digital Camcorder

I got a free HD Digital Camcorder from SwagBucks in the mail today. This is my third prize received from them. SwagBucks makes it easy to get free stuff, they have lots of electronics. The site is a legit way to get free items online. Sign Up

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Free Digital Camera

Free Digital Camcorder

Free Items

Electric Guitar from SwagBucks

Here is an electric guitar I received from SwagBucks. SwagBucks has a good variety of instruments, like acoustic guitars, saxophones, keyboards, and drumsets. It's a great way to get a free instrument to start learning to play.

StarBucks Gift Card Received from SwagBucks

Here is a StarBucks Gift card I received from SwagBucks, it as my first prize from them. SwagBucks has a lot of gift cards available that you can win, gift cards for shopping and for restaurants.

How To Get Referrals For SwagBucks

There a many ways to get referrals for SwagBucks. Referrals help you earn more on swagbucks and it's a great way to help others get free stuff too. SwagBucks gives you your own special referral link and banners to promote with. You can email you referral link to friends and family and they can sign up. You can make a blog or website and place your banners on it. You can also post on forums or make flyers and business cards that direct people to your website or blog.

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